About us

Havana Cigar (Havana Cigar Club) was founded and opened by Todd and Leon in December of 2012. Originally, Havana Cigar occupied 2,000 square feet with 1,000 square feet being dedicated to members.


Over the first several years, Havana Cigar expanded into an additional 1,000 square feet for additional public space.


Six years ago, Havana remodeled to add a large bar that is the focal point of the socializing for all customers, both public and members. Havana is a second home for regulars and a visit to a friend’s home for the occasional visitor. With organized card nights (High-Low-Jack and Texas Hold’em), events and annual Member trips to cigar factories in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, Havana Cigar has a community feel, not just a “cigar bar”.

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